Review of 16th European Association of Neuro-Oncology Congress and Education Day

The 16th European Association of Neuro-Oncology (EANO) Congress took place September 25-26, 2021, and the EANO Education Day occurred October 23, 2021. Both meetings were held virtually to ensure the safety and health of all participants. Participants joined virtually, with the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, USA, and Austria having the most participants in attendance.

The EANO Board, Mattias Preussear, EANO President, and Martin van den Bent, EANO Past President, EANO Scientific Committee, and EANO Educational Committee, were dedicated to ensuring that the educational content delivered a broad and varied program. The virtual program included keynote sessions, oral abstract presentations, and electronic posters, now viewable on-demand via the links below.

View the 16th EANO Congress on-demand until December 22, 202

View the EANO Education Day on-demand until January 26

The Congress included a renowned lineup of keynote session speakers: Burkhard Becher, Johanna Joyce, Yu-Chan Chih, Christopher Fife, Aurelie Poli, and Roman Sankowski, Mary-Helen Barcellos-Hoff, Ranjit Bindra, Anthony Chalmers, and Francois Ducray. Session 1 chairs were Michaela Lorger and Michael Platten. Session 2 chairs were Ruberta Ruda and Wolfgang Wick.

Oral sessions featured topics on disparity, Impact of tumor plasticity on experimental therapies, exploring new radiation therapy techniques, glioblastoma trials, highlights from clinical abstracts, highlights from preclinical abstracts, cognition in brain tumors revisited: new technologies to improve outcome, multilayer diagnostics, quality of life, symptom management, cellular origins of childhood brain tumors, rationalizing combination partners of immunotherapies, genome editing strategies for modeling brain tumors in mice, and extent of resection.

The Plenarie session presented dynamic presentations featuring award-winning abstracts and new molecular insights. Meet the Experts panel discussions included rare tumors, neurosurgical precision tools, brain imaging, patient experience/involvement, tumor heterogeneity, and modeling disease in a dish and its potential for drug screens.

Education Day topics focused on highlights in clinical science and novel tools, unique clinical issues, what matters to patients and their caregivers, molecular analysis of CNS tumors, metastatic disease, PhD-projects by nurses and AHPs, Aya epidemiologic spectrum, highlights in brain tumor biology, new EANO guidelines, and the roles of nurses and AHPs in neuro-oncology.

Save the date for EANO 2022 on September 15-18 in Vienna, Austria.

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